My first post

Greetings. I’ve spent way too long away from writing. I keep searching for inspiration and searching for an excuse as to why I haven’t worked on one of my greatest passions since leaving RIT. I keep asking myself why I need to be inspired to write?

It’s just after midnight, and I’m sitting in bed. My dog, Harry, is passed out, so the only sound I hear is the quiet humming of my ceiling fan, and the infrequent wooshing of a car driving through the puddles. It’s rained all day today and I usually find myself writing on rainy  days, or at least diving into some project in search of some clarity, organization or inspiration. 

This all sounds pretty boring. Well, to be honest, I’d consider my life to be pretty boring lately. I turn 23 in a week. And all I keep thinking to myself is how little I’ve accomplished, and how far away I am from crossing off things I’ve had planned for my life since I knew what things like money, work, success and consumerism were. 

I could be a Debbie-downer some more, and list off all of those things that have been flashing through my head since April 19, or I could come up with a new plan. Instead of saying to everyone I meet that I’ll be “23-years-old, which is almost like a quarter century old”, I can focus on how I want to spend my next 7 years, enjoying life before I hit the big 3-0. 

I’ve decided to create a bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish before I am 30. Who knows, maybe I’ll celebrate another year of life by beginning to check off items on the list, rather than crying into a slice of cake and slugging back some wine. Maybe. 

Before I turn 30 I want to:

  • Climb the top of the Empire State Building
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • Enter a 5K
  • Learn another Language
  • Learn to drive stick-shift
  • start something
  • Write a book
  • Go dancing in the moonlight
  • Successfully parallel park downtown
  • Buy that pair of Louboutins
  • Have $1000 tucked away in the bank
  • Take a vacation by myself
  • Travel to Europe
  • Find the place where my grandparents first met
  • Help support a Political effort
  • Write more about politics
  • Meet my paternal grandmother
  • Travel to Boston to learn more about one of the nations most historic cities
  • Own my own home
  • Eliminate all of the debt from being 19 and 20. 
  • Spend NYE in TimeSquare
  • Attend a Super Bowl game
  • See the new Yankee’s Stadium
  • Conquer my anxiety

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