Cheaper than the Hair Salon

It’s been about a year since I’ve been to see my hair dresser. And I must admit, it’s been one torturous year. Back in September I had the brilliant idea to darken my hair for the fall. I went from blonde to almost black in under 45 minutes. It didn’t take very long for me to regret my decision and long for my long blonde locks.

I’ve also begun experimenting with scissors again. Being a college graduate with little more than $100 in the bank leads you to do some pretty ballsy things. For me, I’ve decided to chop and layer my long hair in attempt to get rid of the nasty short chunk of hair that sits in front of my face. You should probably know that bangs aren’t a good look for yourself before you allow your hairdresser to tell you that they’re a good idea.


Using my time off from work to catch up on the important things, I bought a couple of bottles of blonde color and peroxide, and decided to touch my roots up. At least this time my hair turned out a bit lighter than actually getting darker. (I swear my hair and body defies science and gravity in every possible way).

My mother then decided we needed highlights in our freshly colored hair. Rather than book an appointment with my very talented, but very expensive colorist, we bought a box of bleach from the grocery store.

I sat my mom down on her vanity stool, and attempted to pull little strands of hair through those crappy plastic caps that look as if they should cover a dinner plate instead of one’s head. How difficult can this be, I thought to myself.

Boy was I wrong. Picking for boogers, prying plastic from Harry’s mouth, even retrieving my iPhone from between the center console and the driver’s side seat in my car is easier than trying to hook locks of hair and pull it through a double layer of shitty-grade plastic. There go my dreams of going to beauty school.

When I finally began getting the hang of things, it was time to stop pulling hair from microscopic perforations and apply the bleach. Bleaching hair is much easier, almost like finger painting, in a way I guess.

As soon as we finished applying my mom’s bleach, we decided to whip out the aluminum foil and use that on my thick wavy creation instead of trying our luck a second time with the cap.

I mean, if a hair dresser can make it look so easy, how hard can I be for us? Mom used to be a hairdresser up until I was born, and I’ve colored and cut my own hair thousands of times.

I mean. Really all they do is separate some sections, apply some color or bleach and then wrap it in foil, leaving it to look something like this:


Well prepare to laugh, or be traumatized. Probably the second one:


How is this going to turn out? I’m really afraid to find out. Well, I guess we’ll know if I’m bald the next time I post! Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂


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