20 Signs You’re Overqualified And Underemployed

Thought Catalog

If you think feudalism is dead, think again. Student loans have turned young adults into 21st century peasants, enslaved to the banks and institutions to whom they owe their money. For every discontented peasant out in the field, another seed for a revolution is planted.

Those fiefs may hold the fifties, but the baron is dead and the lords are next. Here’s how to tell if you are a part of the overqualified and underemployed student movement. If this list describes you, snag a scythe and join the club.

1. Your calendar is meticulously organized yet embarrassingly empty. Your “appointments” are with the dentist, the apprentice hair dresser (professional haircuts are too steep), families in need of a babysitter, and dog walking agencies.

2. You go on an exorbitant amount of coffee dates. This is mostly because coffee is cheaper than food. The opaque cup allows you to smile with…

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