Fictional Style Icon: Blair Waldorf

Greetings, Upper East Siders. You had some questions, and I am here to dish the answers. Who is the most stylish girl on the island of Manhattan? Well it’s our Queen B, of course.

Ok. Enough with the Dan Humphrey talk. Our wanna-be insider’s days as the queen of Gossip may be over for good, but the fashion inspiration that Blair Waldorf gave me will live on forever. From the very beginning, B’s style choices wowed me, and forced me to add some color and flair into my own wardrobe.


Here, Blair takes her Constance Billard school uniform and dresses it up with some colored tights, white ballerina flats, and a bow belt. She shows young girls across America that you can follow the rules and stil have some fun.


Blair’s outfit for the White Party that was held in the Hamptons one summer still remains as one of my favorite outfits ever. Here she combines style and class all while dishing a healthy dose of drama as she uses one guy to try and win over another one.


Green and yellow seem to be one of B’s favorite color combos, as she is seen several times throughout the series wearing green jackets, carrying bright yellow bags, and of course wearing some colored tights with her Winter blues. Blair is another Queen of mixing color and pattern in one outfit, helping bring together flawless looks, episode after episode. Vintage swimsuits are just another example of her impeccable style.


Whether she is seen ruling the steps of the Met, knee deep in her latest scheme, running her mother’s fashion empire or trying to win the affections of male counterpart, Chuck Bass, Miss B does so in outfits that I can’t help but NEED to try out. If only I had as many occasions and places to wear the pencil skirts, pumps, espedrilles and carry the clutches to as she does.


No outfit is ever complete without Blair’s headband, her own version of the princess crown she eventually comes to wear for a short time. Paired with a bright designer handbag, any girl is ready to strut down the streets of the UES, or bounce around the suburbs of western New York in true rich girl style. Now, if only, B for Waldorf designs was a real fashion line.